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10 Healthy Diet Tips For dandy fever Patients

Are you taking treatment for dengue fever}? Or square measure you a healthy individual and need to forestall dengue altogether? interference is often higher than cure! and also the same applies to the disease that causes ‘breakbone fever’.

High fever, joint pain, headache and measles-like eruption sometimes accompany dandy fever (1). But then, there square measure sure straightforward diet tips that may facilitate alleviate these symptoms and accelerate your recovery from dengue! Would you wish to grasp what they are? Do provide this post a read!

Healthy Food Diet For dandy fever Patients
10 Healthy Diet Tips For dandy fever Patients
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1. Orange

Oranges square measure jam-packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. they're made in antioxidant, that is a crucial inhibitor. the high fiber content of oranges makes them smart for treating dyspepsia in addition. Add this juicy and sour fruit to your diet these days if you would like to hit the road to recovery presently (2).

2. Papaya

Papaya has several healthful properties. it's a well-liked home remedy across cultures. Studies reveal that the papaya seed is toxicant for the arthropod genus dipteran (3). different studies conclude that papaya triggers quicker protoplasm production in dandy fever patients. All you wish to try to to is crush some of papaya leaves and drink its juice double daily to beat the dandy fever blues.

3. Avoid Oily Food

One of the most symptoms of dandy fever is abdomen issues. check that you don’t continue feeding oily and spicy food because it can solely worsen your condition.

4. Porridge

The delicious cereal or dalia (the Indian name for it), could be a widespread breakfast possibility all round the world. Its high fiber and nutrient worth ensures that you simply get adequate strength to fight the malady. dish is simple to swallow and digest in addition. keep in mind to eat plenty of dish once you square measure down with dandy fever (4).

5. Herbal Tea

Herbal teas will facilitate scale back the symptoms of dengue. select flavors like cardamom, peppermint or ginger. Ginger has medicament and inhibitor characteristics that facilitate scale back the dengue. AN herb tea brewed with the leaves of Euphorbia hirta or asthma-plant helps treat dandy fever. The plant grows copiously throughout Southeast Asia (5).

6. milk

Dengue typically causes dehydration. milk is one among the most effective foods for dandy fever patients because it could be a natural supply of water, essential minerals and electrolytes. Intake of it helps regulate the fluid levels within the body. Thus, milk is one factor you ought to positively embody in your diet whereas recuperating from dandy fever (6).

7. Vegetable Juices

You can treat the symptoms of dandy fever by overwhelming contemporary vegetable juices. Carrots, cucumber, and different bowery greens square measure particularly smart for treating the symptoms of dandy fever. These vegetables square measure replete with essential vitamins and minerals that facilitate boost immunity and scale back the suffering of the patient (7).

8. Soup

Soup is one among the most effective foods for treating and easing the symptoms of dandy fever. It helps induce hunger and relieve joint pain. Soup is low on spices and thence smart for digestion and bm (8).

9. beverage

Vitamin C is an efficient inhibitor It triggers albuminoid production and helps boost the system. Fruits like orange, pineapple, strawberry, guava and kiwi boost the assembly of lymphocytes, that fight the infection. Fruit juices square measure vital if you're stricken by dandy fever (9).


Neem leaves square measure illustrious for his or her healthful properties. they assist limit the expansion and unfold of dandy fever virus type-2 replication. For this reason, it's one among the foremost vital natural remedies for dandy fever

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