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9 Ways On How To Stop Nail Biting

Nails square measure important elements of the body particularly for women UN agency prefer to beautify it in many ways in which with nail arts. The nail protects our fingertips and nerve endings on the fingers thus it's necessary to require care of them. broken and cracked nails create the hands look ugly. Nails issues square measure terribly tough to affect and it will have an effect on the appearance of fingers and hands. those that have properly cut and well-manicured nails look terribly engaging and delightful. Some individuals have a really unhealthy habit of biting the nails after they square measure free and don't have anything to try to to. Nail biting is as a result of tension, stress ANd anxiety in life’s scenario like watching for an examination or interview and observance a horror film. Some individuals bite nails at school and workplace. we are going to offer some tips for stopping this habit of biting the nails.

9 Ways On How To Stop Nail Biting
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9 Ways On How To Stop Nail Biting
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If you have got long nails, you'll be tempted to bite them oft. Cut the nails short by trimming them frequently. Short nails square measure higher than long nails because it helps in avoiding biting at them. Take manicure treatments for nails frequently for shaping them.

2. Use Manduction Gums And Candies

Chewing gum helps keep the mouth busy and distracting the mind faraway from the nails. Chew gum within the daytime. you'll additionally distract the mind by intake mint. Use a mint tasteful gum. Some individuals prefer to suck candies particularly the tasteful ones.


Apply neem tree oil on the fingernails with the assistance of cotton. Let it become dry naturally. it's a really bitter oil. Biting the nails can instantly stop you from this habit as a result of the unhealthy style of the neem tree oil.


Keep the hands busy in doing things that facilitate in avoiding the temptation to bite the nails. For this, you'll hold a stress ball in your hands and play with it. in our own way to distract you from nail biting is wiggling with putty in hands.


Another way to avoid biting the nails is to hide the hands and fingers in order that you don’t bit them. For this, you'll wear gloves on hands. it's additionally useful to use adhesive bandages in order that it sticks to fingertips therefore avoiding the urge to bite at them.

6. Use pretend Nails

Using pretend nail merchandise could be a excellent thanks to stop yourself from biting the nails. Use acrylic nails or wraps on the nails. you would like to connect these items on the nail with glue. you'll additionally use press-on nails.

7. Use Nail Varnish

A very great way to discourage you from nail biting is victimisation nail varnish on the fingernails. Apply nail varnish of a bright and vivacious color. create a sexy style on the nails with the nail varnish. it'll encourage you to grow long nails.


Chop garlic into 2 items. Rub it on the nails. watch for a while so wash the nails. once you have the sensation of biting the nails, you'll be repelled by the style of garlic on the nail. Applying garlic oil additionally helps in stopping nail biting habit.

9. Use A Chemical Irritant Cream
Buy a nail deterrent cream from the market and use it on the nails. The cream features a bitter and awful style and it'll stop you from biting the nails once you style the merchandise. Use a cream that contains cayenne pepper or black pepper.

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