Wednesday, February 1, 2017


During the first 14days, money in your mmmoffice account (or Mavro) is frozen and you can’t Get Help – Get Help means Withdrawal. Therefore, when you can withdraw is after your Mavro has turned green.
So, how to withdraw or get help in MMM Office Nigeria
On your dashboard, click on the Get Help button by the right corner of the page just like the ss above…

The next page appears thus like the picture below…
Tick on “Select Bank Account” if you want to withdraw into your already registered/existing account or Tick on “Add new bank account” to add a new account. But the rule of MMM is a participant needs to add an account even before PH, so I advice you already added your desired account before now and tick on the first option then click Next
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The next page comes up…
  1. Click and Select your account for withdrawal receipt..
  2. Click on Next to proceed.
This center page comes up…
If you are withdrawing all the funds in your account, simply click on “Cash out MAVRO” button.
But the untold story is you could withdraw some and leave some behind to continue growing, to do so, in those boxes type in amount you want out of each column(mavro) considering the available balance on them. After that, total withdrawal amount appears and then you can click on Nextto finalize your steps.(Remember, only withdraw/GH in multiple of 10).
After every step is carefully followed, your order appears in your MMMOffice(dashboard).
GHs are matched instantly, in a case where system doesn’t match your order, then it means you are on Moratorium. 

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