Saturday, April 8, 2017

Beauty Queen, Christine Balagtas Shot Dead At Her Home

Christine Balagtas shot dead
A 23-year-old beauty queen, with name Mary Christine Balagtas, was shot dead after answering the door to two men who gave her chocolates and flowers.

The suspects shot her in the head with a single bullet at her home.

Police said the men fled on a motorbike following the attack. Christine Balagtas was rushed to the hospital but died in the ambulance before she got  over there.

“We are following several leads including a man who had a romantic relationship with the victim,” said Philippines Police Superintendent.

“We found an empty shell from a.45 calibre pistol at the scene and believe two men had fled on a motorcycle. Witnesses said that two men had been seen in the neighbourhood before the shooting.”

Christine  Balagtas was shot dead at her home in Bulacan, the Philippines on Wednesday morning.

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