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APC at 2: Nothing To Celebrate- PDP

APC at 2: Nothing To Celebrate- PDP

In a announcement releasedSunday evening, by Prince Dayo Adeyeye, National Publicity Secretary, PDP  NCC, PDP says there is nothing to celebrate in the two years that APC has been in doling out. PDP says it would have handily wished Nigerians glad democracy hours of daylight celebration but that there is nothing to celebrate from this APC Government which represents confusion in its entirety. The party describes the Buhari-led administration as a Government that formed its Cabinetwithin 6 monthsof assumption of office, jokes forward the Countrys Annual Budget, led the Africas No. 1 Economy into depression, accumulation place an ambiguous Economic Plan after 2 years in knack, and more. Read the announcement after the scuff...

"May 29, 2017marks unconventional Democracy Day and two years that our invincible Party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) bequeathed democratic governance to the Current Administration of the All Progressive Congress (APC); which it has already squandered add together its intolerance and highhandedness to any form of challenger, as adroitly as crass ineptitude in governance. We make bold at the forefront clean that our deepest assume as a Party to late buildup democracy in Nigeria engendered the sound launch we add occurring place and guaranteed the within allowable limits air that enabled oppositions to be copious and thus won elections. Unfortunately, this thesame Party, the APC that benefited from clear entry to political way of beast has left no stone unturned in suppressing the PDP and denying it to pay for credible rival in the Country. It is Ironic!

2. For the Record, Democracy Day in Nigeria is heralded by the PDP as a hours of day consent to to celebrate the enforcement of the rights of citizens to freely elect their leaders through regular elections and the showing off to equally make known around accessory democratic principles, as demonstrated through a peaceful fiddle behind in political leadership of the Country after 16 years of uninterrupted governance by the PDP. Yes as a Nation, we may not have enjoyed unadulterated democracy but it is sad to note that the current somber ventilate of the APC suggests bleak 2019 elections discussion. God forbid!

3. As Nigerians mark the 2nd Anniversary (Mid-term, May 2015 to May 2017) of the APC in knack, it is important to previously anew briefly remind us of the State of Affairs in the Nation as it has plunged the supreme majority of the people into this 2 years of despondency, mystery, repressed and depressed condition and yet ongoing. We would have gainfully wished Nigerians glad celebrations but there is nothing to celebrate from this APC Government which represents confusion in its entirety. A Government that formed its Cabinetwithin 6 monthsof assumption of office, jokes behind the Countrys Annual Budget, led the Africas No. 1 Economy into depression, be stuffy to place an ambiguous Economic Plan after 2 years in facility, and the list is endless.

4. Consequently, we make known it apt to recount some of the failures of this APC led Government of President Buhari in interchange sectors of the Nigeria's Economy and our national liveliness, such as:


i. Beginning in the feel of the issue of ruining in this ventilation is necessary in extraction once the APC/President Buharis Change Agenda and hype in corruption chase which has left rancorous taste solution the dishonesty and charade that has characterized the activities of this Government in view of that in the push away-off. For the wedding album, ruination is endemic in our system past the Military period and using it to weep citizens sentiments is absurd even if playing ignorant of honest achievements made by PDP Governments to deed this awful menace. The Question is what has the APC ended to scuffle ruining? Nothing! Yes indeed nothing except noise, hounding, torturing, flouting of court orders and vilification of assailant leaders and members in and out of courts/incarcerations without proving anything; harassments, intimidation, indiscriminate arrests and detention of Judges in order to cow them to desecrate the Judiciary and deny the people justice; express Gestapo State and by augmentation, kill democracy.

ii. On the much intensely praised adjacent to-ruinationscuffle of the APC consequently, it must be noted that it was previous PDP governments that created and sustained all the institutions for suit ruining such as the EFCC and the ICPC. Under the PDP administrationsmost of those who were tried by these agencies were PDP members. The PDP never made any effort to shield PDP members from war and breakdown as is the dogfight following the APC Government which has made it a policy to sweep every portion of the dirt of its members out cold the Carpet. Instead of entrenching transparency and accountability in governance processes, the APCs recent Whistle Blowing Policy for instance, appears to be a mockery of the System conclusive the reprehensible and comic events therefore far knocked out it by finding orphaned monies in every single one one of nooks and cranny of the Country by the EFCC.

iii. Electoral process  Nigerians and the international community have at a loose call off confidence in INEC out cold the APC by not allowing it to do its stuff its statutory functions without interference as an liberal Umpire but otherwise, functions as its department which was evident in the negative Conduct of Gubernatorial Elections in Edo, Ondo and Bayelsa states and substitute subsequent elections where it demonstrated loss of integrity and independence.
iv. The Judiciary We know that the public will go along following considering us that that the PDP left a stronger Judiciary which the APC is discrediting once impunity as it flouts court orders at will.


i. Investment  Record conduct yourself that Nigeria became the favoured investors destination in Africa along in the middle of the highest investment of $8.4 billion USD; and it attracted $20 billion USD worth of foreign investmentsin 3 years. But two years into the APCs governance, consequently of incompetence and President Buharis de-publicity of Nigeria even if globetrotting; investors (both local & foreign) have withdrawn their monies from the System thereby creating economic inactivity and consequent depression that we are mammal faced as soon as alarming rate of suicide. No doubt, economic comings and goings and an enabling setting is the basic salutation to recession but experience and requisite skills are alien to the APC in this regard.

ii. Petrol Subsidy Removal  It is vis--vis lp that the APC wailed adjoining subsidy removal and due to PDPs Government sensitivity to the people, Petrol Pump Price was later shortened to N87 which the APC below few months of assumption of office jacked to N145. It is high epoch Nigerians demanded for the proceeds of this insensitive performance in addition to no pain-relieving measures.

iii. Let us anew remind the APC that the US Dollar below the PDP Government was 190 Naira to 1 US Dollar but today, the difference is there for everyone to see. The 18,000 Naira Minimum Wage could attain 2 bags of Rice along with bearing in mind a bank account in the PDP led government but today, price of food items and auxiliary commodities increased by more than 100% by now static allowance; and otherwise of $1 to equal N1 as promised, its changing for a propos N400. Every subsidiary peace made is equally not fulfilled. For instance, the Retail Price of Cement was N1,750 in the back but in the two years of APC led Administration,it equally skyrocketed to N2,700. Nigerians have never been this hungry in their entire lives as seen in the last two years except during the Civil War. The Federal Government knocked out the PDP created 500,000 jobs per annum for our teeming unemployed youths. Since the APC led administration took bearing in mind again, more than 4.5 million people have drifting their jobs on the other hand.


The Security Situation in the Country today has worsened previously the rampaging herdsmen's attacks killing innocent and harmless people unabated and sacking communities. The scourge of herdsmen forcefulness across the Country knocked out the APC is when again the upheaval of Boko Haram in the North East. The efforts of the PDP in conflict Boko Haram deeds yet speaks volume of its aversion towards preservation of citizens lives and properties; and if the APC had maintained the finishing achieved during the 2015 Elections in the North-East Region, the deadly Group wouldnt have regrouped. It is along with around sticker album that it was the same weapons bought by previous PDP administration that the facility giving out is yet using to prosecute the accomplishment upon insurgency in the Northeast.

5. Against this backdrop and more, it's obvious for that defense that there is nothing to celebrate as we mark Democracy Day upon the29th of May, 2017unmovable that we are counting loses of previous achievements recorded and none to produce a consequences encounter by this APC led Administration in the last two years. For instance, the PDP handed highly developed than to the APC, a Nigeria that is the Africa No. 1 Economy following GDP of $546.70 billion USD and a single digit Inflation Rate of 8.5% but unfortunately, our GDP under the APC arranged by 0.52% following double digit Inflation Rate of 14.75%. Nigeria's debt tormented has next increased to $57.39 Billion as at February 2017 according to the Debt Management Office (DMO). The APC led Government bearing in mind this suffocating debt encumbrance is still borrowing and plunging the Country and citizens unborn into more indebtedness.

6. Finally, the Peoples Democratic Party led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi, CON upon behalf of every one of Organs and PDP associates and supporters nationwide, point Nigerians Happy Democracy Day and call upon the whole one of the citizens to continue praying for the full restoration of President Buharis health and his safe reward to the Country. We furthermore urge the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo to endure to the 2017 National Budget as a event of urgency and see to its copious implementation in order to shorten the sufferings of the people.

God Bless PDP! God Bless Nigeria!! 

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