Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Full Details On How ex-Director, Emmanuel Ayodele Died In A Club In Abuja

Full Details On How ex-Director, Emmanuel Ayodele Died In A Club In Abuja

A retired director of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Mr. Emmanuel Ayodele , has died after slumping as he made to association his links at Amity Club in the Garki area of Abuja.

Emmanuel Ayodele , 65, described as an sprightly merger uphill, was said to have parked his car outdoor the club premises and was entering the knack subsequent to he fell.

He was reportedly rapid to the Sanklin Hospital, Mabushi where he gave up the ghost vis--vis Wednesday.

A pal to the deceased , Mr. Kazeem Idowu, told Northern City News that Ayodele  s death horror-struck everyone as he did not behave any sign of sickness by now his sudden lane.

Idowu, the Assistant Secretary -General of Amity Club described the former director as an swift man of ebullient personality  , noting that he was loved by everyone.

He said , Ayodele  s death was shocking to say the least because he was a definitely swift person and a staunch follower of the club ; he has held several positions in the club and was adeptly acclaimed by everyone.

He was roughly entering the club taking into account than he slumped and was hasty to the hospital but unfortunately, he died . We shall miss him .

Members of the deceased relatives could not be reached for comment . His kids were said to be overseas.

Source- Punch

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