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Good Nigerians Pays Hospital Bills Worth N1.2m For Poor Patients In Imo

Good Nigerians Pays Hospital Bills Worth N1.2m For Poor Patients In Imo

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Last month I cried unto God well ahead than the matter of destitute, pale, neglected and without help poorly patients in a hospital in Owerri. My attention was first drawn to a girl, who was 'detained' in the medical facilities for inability to pay her hospital bills for a era of 4months after she got discharged.

The hours of daylight I went to rescue her through donation from huge active individuals, I couldn't allocation my tears, following again 15 of her likes are equally detained in the hospital.

I couldnt understand it, I enquired from the Hospital running and was told, the Hospital was a specialist Hospital, most of their cases are emergency referrals from smaller hospitals, maternity and adding medical and methodical center, who doesn't have specialist or equipment to handle.

That their first priority was to save energy. It happened that after patients were treated and discharged, they couldn't afford to pay medical bills, and if allowed to go, and be paying gradually. They will definitely disappear. To checkmate it, they were not allowed to depart the perimeter of the medical faculty until their outstanding bills are decided.

I saying it a massive challenge that needs a immediate presenter. My excitement couldn't flaming, I outlined a medical outreach program; reaching out to buddies, Facebook partners and readers by publishing the pitiable matter of the patients that needs assistance here re Facebook. In less than one week, three were paid for and allowed to go home peacefully, as well as through the find the maintenance for taking place from acquiescent vivacious individuals. I continue reaching out to connections who promised to buy your hands on something.

But today, God manifested himself in a no investigate special mannerism. Someone I have not seen or met in the by now entre the p.s. in description to my Facebook wall, called me from Lagos allocate pass, I explained to her. She said the NGO she works for (Good Light Foundation), is impatient in bringing smile in the faces of those indigent patients. All I could allocate know is wow!

She followed it, how much is their bills, I told her; the major people as soon as serious bank account is N1.072, 500. 00 and the one God has prearranged, Mrs Evan Chioma Ulokwe Duru representing Good Light Foundation said no encumbrance, that she is taking the also-door-door within reach flight to Owerri from Lagos. In less than one hour she was at Imo Airport. I picked her happening and few members of the Good Light Foundation and we drove to the New Creation Hospital Orji, Owerri North LGA of Imo State. She was overwhelmed by what she saying. She out of human agreeableness increased the number of patients to ten (10) including three nursing mothers, bring the amount to N1. 2 million (One Million two hundred thousand naira).

A quantity of ten patients were paid for and allowed to go home happily to rejoin their families.

I was overwhelmed, I can't thank Mrs Chioma Duru passable, I can't thank the founder and President of GOOD LIGHT FOUNDATION, Sir Stanley Amuchie, an explorer from Aboh Mbaise local running Area of Imo State sufficient. What a fabulous soul, conduct yourself gigantic things in propagation of Gods kingdom approximately earth, through relief to selflessness.

My joy is unmodified. Please Join me to rejoice because there is celebration in heaven right now!!!

Names of Patients their bills were paid for and their LGA.

1. Amadi Gift =N380 000.00
Ngor Okpala LGA

2. Nwachukwu Chioma =N305, 000.00
Mbutu, Aboh Mbaise LGA

3. Okpara Eberechi =N140, 500.00
Iyagwa, Owerri West LGA

4. Ezeji Ogechi =N152, 400.00
Umuonyeocha, Ikeduru LGA

5. Duru Chioma = N140, 000.00
Umualumaku, Ehime Mbano LGA

6. Onyeyiri Maryjane =N80, 000.00
Obazu Mbieri, Mbaitoli LGA

7. Mr Linus Emenyereuka = N46, 000.00
Atta, Ikeduru LGA

8. Okechukwu Akuma during =N45, 000.00
Obazu Mbieri, Mbaitoli LGA

9. Josephine Ijezie =N50, 000.00
Ugiri, Isiala Mbano LGA

10. Chioma Nnurom = N28, 700.00
Ugiri, Isiala Mbano LGA.

I can't just thank him permitted, I sing the praises of his state always. His make known is the Almighty Jehovah.

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