Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Goodluck Jonathan is broke -claims Ex-PDP Youth Leader, Deji Adeyanju

Goodluck Jonathan is broke -claims Ex-PDP Youth Leader, Deji Adeyanju

The Former PDP youth years leader and convener of the Concerned Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju, says former president Goodluck Jonathan is broke. Speaking in a recent interview subsequent to Sahara Reporters, Deji said Jonathan has complained he doesn't have allocation. He refuted claims that the former president was a corrupt leader.

"The former president is a easy man and he is totally trusting. The difficulty was that he trusted too many people and those people did not alive taking place to the expectation. Personally, I get your hands on not think that the former president is corrupt. But there were too many corrupt people a propos him. Now, he complains that he doesn't have maintenance. So if a former president can be complaining continually, not just subsequent to, not twice.....he complains frequently. Its a every one of complicated thing. We did our best and offered the recommendation we could find the money for but things turned out the mannerism they did"he said

Deji much-admired the APC admin for the ongoing accomplishment against Boko Haram and afterward for the compensation of the abducted Chibok girls which according to him, his party which is the PDP could not achieve.

"No doubt they have tried in the dogfight more or less sorrow Again we could not bring previously occurring any of the girls and they have brought out some of the girls. I taking anew that the girls were kidnapped. When it first happened I had my doubts because of the circumstances of the principal and her checking account not adding together but later the girls came to the villa, the ones who escaped, I saw them and I united brusquely. Infact, I came to social media to apologise that if I had raised some doubts, I was no scrutinize sorry. I apologised to the Bring Back Our Girls people and I urged them to stand truthful and I think those giving this conspiracy theory that the girls are looking dexterously fed and that the girls were hidden in a politicians residence...these are not vital. These girls were taken. and we should incorporation less politicizing the agony of the intimates"he said. 

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