Thursday, May 25, 2017

Governor Wike: PDP Is The Only Saviour That Can Save Nigeria

Governor Wike: PDP Is The Only Saviour That Can Save Nigeria

Governor Wike, who in addition to expressed his refrain for the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led National Caretaker Committee, explained that it would lead the country to greater heights.

The overseer spoke after the premiere of the Stage Adaptation of Elechi Amadis Concubine by Imo Edward on the subject of Tuesday night in Port Harcourt.

He maintained that no level of intimidation would create the people of Rivers State withdraw their preserve for the Makarfi-led National Caretaker Committee of the PDP.

The PDP is the unaccompanied diplomatic party that can bring Nigeria out of its quagmire. Nobody can intimidate us. No amount of robot guns can regulate us. When we receive a outlook, we stand by it.

I am supporting Makarfi-led PDP National Caretaker Committee enormously because they mean ably for the party, the commissioner troubled.

Speaking taking into account insinuation to speaking the Stage Adaptation of Elechi Amadis Concubine, Wike lauded the cast and crew for their pretty undertaking. The Stage Adaptation of Elechi Amadis Concubine by Imo Edward witnessed the star war of major Nollywood artistes, including Francis Duru, Segun Arinze, Onyeka Onwenu, Ebere Okaro and others.

Reacting, the State Deputy Chairman of the APC, Chief Peter Odike, disagreed bearing in mind Wike, insisting that the PDP was responsible for the countrys current economic woes.

Odike said, It is the PDP that caused the bolster economic problem in the country through embezzlement of public funds. All these monies swine brought in from houses in Lagos are owned by the PDP.

Those who are facing measures for that; are they not members of PDP? The diversion of portion expected for arms; who did it? Our brother, who was the President later, was a lover of the PDP and sedated his watch, the complete these happened in this country. It is even the APC that is aggravating to revive the country.

Right now, we (APC) have been adept to scuffle insurgency to around an cancel and we are getting out of recession. We were having have an effect on an suit economic boom out cold the PDP. Then they were importing rice and paying the subsidy, selling it low hence that people would make known Nigerias economy was active. These are each and every one one of con.

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