Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meet Cameron Star Act, Lizette Benz

Meet Cameron Star Act, Lizette Benz

Lizette benz, Cameroon female star actress with a unique personality that suits her lifestyle. She has featured in many movies in Cameroon.

Lizette Benz, a beauty to behold and she has an authentic taste for fashion, which is extraordinary.

Meet Cameron Star Act, Lizette Benz

After an exceptional break through for herself in Cameroon, She has decided to come down to Nollywood to have a plus in Nigeria, also with Her personal director and manager named Rawlings David Erara. She is working with "ROYAL LINKS PRODUCTION" , a popularly known movie production house right here in Nigeria..

She has attended on various film festivals around the world...Recently she was seen and  captured in Cameroon film festival,By one of winnysblog source. According to her, it was an amazing experience she had and a collection of stars, distributing ideas in Africa film industry...She went wit her co-mates Thando Grace Maseko and Sandra Seghers and director Rawlings David Erara.

Lizette Benz is currently working on a big movie which her manager, Rawlings David Erara is going to be directing It.The movie is Titled "FLIGHT TO CONGO"..i hope you don't miss it.

You can contact her Manager

Director Rawlings David Erara

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