Sunday, May 28, 2017

Moji Olaiya Didn't Die Of Poisoning - Burial Committee Expanciate

Moji Olaiya'a intimates through the burial committee have denied reports that the tardy actress died of poisoning. Read the full announcement under...

The attention of the Burial Committee of Late Moji Olaiya has been drawn to the rumour spreading in the region of that the autopsy carried out in this area the deceased stated that the late thespian died of poison. It is a innocent fallacy.

The associates through this committee objective to vehemently make a clean breast as follows:
i. Late Moji Olaiya DID NOT die of poison and the rumour mongers should tolerate the autopsy version they are quoting from.
ii. The younger brother of the deceased Femi Olaiya who travelled from UK to Canada and peak Nigerian incorporation uphill in Canada Mr Yinka Farinde monitored and recieved the details of the autopsy and nothing of poison is in the indigenous autopsy documents considering the family.
iii. Whoever is spreading the rumours is evil and have no high regard for the dead. Karma subsequent to kinetic activity will locate and locate such detractors, using the vulnerability and anonymousity of social media as a channel to perpetrate their motive.
iv. That we know BREAKING NEWS doesnt wait for no one but it makes more prudence for the media and blogger to broadcast vividly the source of a news item and have documetary evidence or fact in sight past going to press.
v. The intimates finds the rumour excruciating and see it as a deliberate attempt to worsen the befitting burial they are putting in area for their beloved one.
vi. The accused women were of minister to to the deceased in terms of getting used to and in view of that when suggestion to during her lifetime in the united Canada and one of them has been taking care of the 2-months antiquated child the deceased left in imitation of as we speak. Any envious intentions nearby their persons should not degenerate to the level of spreading falsehood such as murder adjacent-door to. It is bizarre and appalling.
vii. The committee humbly all over ask for resolved concern a pedestal for the dead, family and women whose pictures had since viral. Thank you for okay arrangement and co-operation in this regards.

Yomi Fabiyi

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