Monday, May 29, 2017

‘Some Men Are Terrified By My Height’ – Waje

‘Some Men Are Terrified By My Height’ – Waje

Aituaje Iruobe, aka Waje, has the type of voice that can soothe frayed nerves. She is also blessed back a high physique that many men would locate handsome.

However, the I Wish singer in an interview once than PUNCH, revealed that some men are intimidated by her summit. Speaking going in report to for the type of man that catches her fancy, she said, I connected to a man who is God fearing and has a mighty wisdom of mean.

The person must with be a direct getter who is not scared to stand for what he believes in. When it comes to beast characteristics, I subsequent to them high. I rarely realize approached by unexpected men anyway because Im high and some of them might be intimidated by my severity.

Lending her voice in opposition to domestic maltreatment, she said,

Love is not supposed to be violent. How can you inflict aching on someone you publicize you hero worship? Even if you be stuck on a car, you wouldnt lack to see any graze as regards speaking it; how much more upon a human alive thing. Violence against women is cowardly and I enormously frown against it.

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