Friday, May 26, 2017

Suspected Ebola Corpse Arrives Nigeria From Congo Causes Choas

Suspected Ebola Corpse Arrives Nigeria From Congo Causes Uproar

Federal Government may sanction Kenya Airways for conveying a corpse from the Ebola-affected Democratic Republic of Congo to Nigeria as its running away no stone unturned tackling the dreaded alarm terror on of Ebola.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, who spoke at a joint briefing organised by the divulge agency and the Federal Ministry of Heath, said the airline did not obtain the snappish applause to bring in the body from the Ebola-ravaged country.

Idris, however, said the laboratory investigations showed that the corpse was not misrepresented following EVD.

The airline brought the remains of a Nigerian without having all documentations that are required to process its clearance by the Department of Port Health Services, Federal Ministry of Health. The Federal Government of Nigeria and relevant agencies condemn this deliberate breach.

In lineage behind industry practice, a relation has been made to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, the regulatory agency of the Nigerian aviation industry harshly the occurrence.

Necessary steps are swine taken by the regulatory authorities to sanction the airline in a bid to prevent merged occurrence. We have commenced detailed investigations by all relevant agencies of doling out to determine the sudden and cold intentions of this unfortunate behaviour,Idris avowed.

The superintendent noted that the Federal Government had banned repatriation of human remains into the country through all points of admittance as a precautionary law to avoid importation of any infectious sickness during the Ebola outbreak.

He added that the Federal Ministry of Health and the Port Health Division had issued guidelines to all airlines upon the events to be followed to obtain a waiver since repatriating any human remains into the country.

The overseer said,The admin will bearing in mind to reiterate that the ban is yet lively and any attempt to contravene this ban will attract serious sanction. Government will sensitive everyone to be vigilant and assertion all our officials at house, sea and agree to breathe borders to continue the screening of international passengers.


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