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The Highs and Lows Of Mohammadu Buhari’s Government So Far

The Highs and Lows Of Mohammadu Buhari’s Government So Far

Here is a balanced analysis written by The Cable's Chinedu Asadu

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is marking its second year in adroitness. An administration that was dubbed a messianic one bearing in mind than that its emergence saying an decrease to the 16 uninterrupted years the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had governed Nigeria.

While some undertake that the president deserves a pat regarding the put occurring to for some feats his running has achieved, others accept to there is yet a broad gap along in the middle of the current truth the country is facing and the plethora of promises the administration presented Nigerians at its inception.

In the construct-occurring to the 2015 presidential election, the promises of Buhari  and the APCs by strengthening  were sewn as regards one word  fine-aerate.

He had even reaffirmed the mix of fine-flavor behind, in his confession speech, he avowed: Change has come and a postscript day and a auxiliary Nigeria is approaching us.
This notwithstanding, a report by SBM Intelligence, an organisation devoted to the growth and analysis of reference, shows that the president has been practiced to fulfill on your own four percent of the 171 promises he made to Nigerians during his presidential be anxious up opinion.
We see at some of the strengths and weaknesses of the current administration.


On November 11  exactly twenty-three weeks and five days after beast sworn in as president, Buhari unveiled the list of the ministers he will be practicing later. All 36, he had said, are round pegs in circular holes.

Prior to their succession, the president had replied his critics who were diagnostic the defer, insisting that impatience is not a virtue.


Although there are yet cases of bomb blasts recorded from time to period, the Buhari administration has been nimble to in flames the pain of insurgency to a easily reached extent.

Quite unlike what was obtainable since he came to facility as soon as the Boko Haram insurgents held captive some communities in the north-east, the army claims the sect is no longer occupying any Nigerian territory.


Although the slant has embellish a few events towards diverting the nations economy to another more productive areas especially agriculture, there is yet a pleasurable showing off for more sustainable events aside mere policies.

According to the bank account by SBM Intelligence, the Buhari administration needs to meet the expense of that its biggest challenge is not diversifying an already diversified economy, but diversifying viewpoint revenues.


The federal meting outs accomplishment closely defilement was just recently, described as a five minute sensationalism by Senate President Bukola Saraki, lending credence to the view in by now habitat that the dealing out isnt getting the scuffle right.

Some critics see the associated together together surrounded by-graft as largely unsuccessful once than that quite a few convictions have been made as adjoining the litany of ruination similar cases pending in court.


Buharis administration has been skillful to construct as regards the further details of the previous running in the rail quirk sector behind the pragmatic efforts it has secure place to create it a traditional exchange for the congested roads in the country.

Just recently, the federal running okayed General Electric as the concessionaire for two rail lines in the country that would gulp a whooping sum of $2.2 billion.


It would be rushed to solely lay the blame of the epileptic knack supply in the country at Buharis footstep but his party had during the construct-taking place of the 2015 presidential elections promised to energetically pursue the press on of electricity generation and distribution of happening to 40,000 megawatts in four to eight years. Unfortunately, after two years, the administration is yet battling to bond 5,000MW of electricity in imitation of the current average generation at 3,400MW.


Buhari has been practiced to achieve quite some commendable feats towards reviving the nations agricultural sector.

A terrific instance is the foundation of the Anchor Borrowers Scheme which was launched in November 2016. The programme was meant to in the past in the works small-scale farmers in increasing the production and supply of feedstock to agro-processors.

There is moreover marginal agricultural roadmap  the Green Alternative  an agricultural marketing policy (2016-2020) aimed at reviving the sector to boost food production in the country.


The APC-led administration has consistently come out cold spiteful knocks in the place of managing the nations fragile economy.

Amid the current economic recession pungent well ahead at the nations economy  and by intensification as regards the comfortable of animate of Nigerians , many take that Buharis economic team reach not have the wherewithal to liberate the nations economy and authorize it to its desired heights.


Even even if the APC had promised to viewpoint toward going on to 10 percent of the countrys annual budget for the education sector annually, this administration managed to agree to a paltry exactness of N403.2bn to the sector in the 2016 budget of N6.07 trillion. This becomes even more worrisome facilitate on you manner at the N398.01bn allocated to the sector in the 2017 budget of N7.298 trillion.

The party had in addition to promised to meet the expense of clear and qualitative primary and additional education to concerning to tertiary level for women  a contract that is yet to see the spacious of the hours of hours of daylight.


Another key place Buharis administration has recorded a commendable fest is the way it has been competent to restructure Nigerias image in the global scene. Although, the country doesnt enjoy the best image it could still acquire along along in the midst of the comity of nations, the country has enjoyed an bigger level of saintly relatives from the international scene.


Buhari had, upon assumption of office, expressed his doling outs want to invest heavily in the projects and programmes currently in place for the Niger Delta amnesty programme. Development s have shown that the president has been nimble to dispel the campaigning in the region especially by sustaining the amnesty programme. The dispensation just recently immense compliment new N35bn for the programme to adding occurring the N20bn initially ascribed for it in the 2017 budget.


The third schedule of the constitution which reflects the federal setting principle simply proffers the principles of proportional sharing of all bureaucratic, economic, media and diplomatic posts at all levels of processing.

This notwithstanding, key government appointments made by president Buhari paints his administration as creature one-sided although he had said during his inauguration that he belongs to everyone and to nobody.


When in 2016 the Boko Haram insurgent action kidnapped 276 girls from their scholastic in Chibok, not many believed the incident actually happened, including ex-President Goodluck Jonathan. But coming to power, Buhari had promised to ensure the reward of all of the girl.

Two years all along the parentage, it has been skillful to anchor the innocent-natured of 103 of the girls. Hopes of the returning of the remaining girls have plus remained tall following his remarks that the encounter against insurgency cant be said to have been won without the compensation of every one of of the kidnapped schoolgirls.


With the recent establishment of the N-Power programme in which the federal outlook claims it pays 149,669 graduates  out of the targeted 200,000  an amount of N30,000, the presidency has been adept to send some Nigerian youths off the unemployment scene. But how significant is such go before as soon as Nigerias unemployment rate pegged at 13.9 percent as at the last quarter of 2016?


One of the many miseries that has faced the country on peak of the years has been the shape of spending much in governance subsequent to tiny or no results to account for such expenses. Bearing this in mind, the current administration had promised to discharge loyalty together considering the national assembly to scuff cost of governance suitably as to make judicious use of limited resources.

In the last one year, figures skirmish out that the federal management has been skilled to save N19bn from unnecessary allowances even as it recently claimed it is putting strategies in place that will enable it to achieve a reduction in recurrent expenditure by N300bn annually.


Human rights book below the current administration has been nothing to write on fire approximately especially in the viewpoint of unlawful detention gone the brazen disobedience of court orders. A loud number of Nigerians are in custody today even after various courts of capable jurisdiction has ordered for their general pardon or bail as the exploit may be.

Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN); Sambo Dasuki, former National Security Adviser (NSA), and until recently bailed, Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are in the company of the many victims of this peculiarity.

With two years left for President Buhari to wrap happening his tenure, the ask remains: will he and his party be practiced to regulate the rhythm of behavior to stand augmented chances come 2019? 

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