Saturday, June 17, 2017

2-year old toddler survives five-storey fall from apartment

2-year old toddler survives five-storey fall from apartment

A privileged 2-year pass toddler, Audrianna Dzyuba miraculously survived a five storey slip from her bedroom window a propos Friday, following she landed outdoor her Bronx building in New York. Her mom told the Daily News that tiny Audrianna often sits safely a propos the window sill of her sixth floor bedroom, where she likes to take leisure motion taking into account her tablet, but upon Friday, on the order of 6:30 p.m., her cousin Isabelle Goff wanted to hear to the rain consequently she opened the window.

Isabelle left the room for a moment to profit a slice of pizza from a dining table just external the gate, doling out away her cousin alone.
Instantly, she heard a thundering sound and the cries of her younger cousin coming from five floors knocked out.
Audrianna, amazingly landed almost a green canvas canopy outdoor the belly admittance of a co-op building when utterly teen bruises.

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