Monday, June 19, 2017

Berger paint allegedly sacks all its staff

Berger paint allegedly sacks all its staff

The Paint manufacturing company, Berger Paints, today June 19th sacked all members of its staff. The amassed sack comes after a 2-week strike engagement. The workers had embarked in fable to strike standoffish than the supplementary vibrant wage policy of the company where none of them would be entitled to gratuity upon retirement and what was supposed to be gathered as their gratuity overtime, would now be optional accessory to their monthly salary.

The late gathering policy was said to have been implemented in 2015 but most of the workers without help got to know this year as they were meant to believe it was a salary increment.

They then approved to embark upon a strike. After unfruitful consultations as soon as the leaders of the workers bond, the running wielded the big attach today by firing the complete one of them and asked those yet avid in keeping their jobs to reapply.

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