Saturday, June 3, 2017

Federal Government Alerts, On Outbreak Of Bird Flu In 7 States And FCT

Federal Government Alerts, On Outbreak Of Bird Flu In 7 States And FCT

The Federal Government re speaking Friday alerted the public to the outbreak of Avian Influenza or Birdflu in the FCT and seven states of the country.

DrGideon Mshelbwala, the Director of Veterinary and Pest Control Services, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development raised the lithe at a meeting when have the funds for in Commissioners of Agriculture in Abuja upon Friday. Mshelbwala listed the states affected by the outbreak to connection Bauchi, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Nasarawa, Plateau, FCT and lastly Kaduna, which reported a conflict in May 30. He said that the sickness had loan across 26 states of the federation and the FCT back it started in 2008 affecting 800 farms in no fewer than 123 local processing areas.

Mshelbwala, who said that there were no scientifically proven vaccines for birdflu, noted that the Federal Government was adopting quarantine, pursuit control, stamping out, decontamination and bio-security proceedings to curb the go at the forefront. The director expressed regret on peak of the destitute bio-security practices by some poultry farmers, adjunct that it was the major defense for the continuous press in facilitate of the illness. According to him, the Federal Government has paid on peak of N674 million in compensations to 269 farmers across the affected states:

Our national action plan encourages proper regulation of the poultry industry and enforcement of annual registration of all actors along the poultry value chain including farmers, traders, egg merchants and feed millers. It also encourages the creation of veterinary extension services to facilitate the control and proper inspection of poultry and poultry products.

Mshelbwala said that the enlarge take in hand to the containment of the sickness was to ban importation of poultry and products, quarantine and bio-security events, accompanied by others. He, however, warned poultry farmers adjoining illegal vaccination of natural world, axiom that it was a deadly rotate to the rule of the disease.

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