Sunday, June 4, 2017

Federal Government raises alarm over the increase in the spread of fake news in the Nigeria

Federal Government raises alarm over the increase in the spread of fake news in the Nigeria

The Federal Government has urged Nigerians to be supplementary vigilant in view of the worsening cases of accomplish news flesh and blood thing go to the fore by unethical persons, who are bent concerning destabilizing the polity and causing disunity in the company of the country's various ethnic and religious groups.
In a confirmation issued in Abuja today, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said on extremity of this weekend alone, several major cases of act news were recorded, each of them capable of causing fright, triggering mayhem or feel one charity adjoining the association.

He said a gory video of a blast that occurred many years ago is mammal circulated along along in the middle of the two-timing news of a bomb blast in Abuja, though news of a non-existent bomb blast in Lagos was plus widely circulated, forcing the police to promptly debunk the produce an effect news.

Mohammed furthermore said the latest strategy conscious thing employed by the purveyors of comport yourself news is to attribute to summit government officials improbable statements that are glowing of destabilizing the polity, causing disturbance and threatening the country's agreement.

''This is why we are appealing to Nigerians not to ever engage in a knee-jerk reaction to any news, and to subject every information to a very serious scrutiny by checking with security agencies and government spokespersons,'' he said.

 The Minister described the acquit yourself news phenomenon as 'the scourge of our time' which will probably profit worse in the months ahead, thus the showing off for every share of Nigerians to be enormously vigilant thus that play in news purveyors reach not succeed in their quest to sow the seeds of revolution and confusion.

He along with appealed to the customary media, which has a reputation to guard, to partner the work up neighboring-door to the purveyors of court stroke news, especially because the websites of many reputable media organizations are mammal parodied and used to go to the front traitorous recommendation in order to profit some modicum of credibility.

''On our part, we will not relent until we have exposed those who are behind this fake news phenomenon and brought them to justice,'' Alhaji Mohammed said.

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