Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kris Jenner plans to challenge Blac Chyna for custody of Dream Kardashian

Is in imitation of Blac Chyna is in harsh conditions of losing her child to the Kardashians? Read the checking account from OK mag below.. 

Insiders tell OK! magazine exclusively that Kris Jenner “has hired a crack team of the most brutal blood-thirsty lawyers money can buy” to get her only son full custody of Dream. “She is not letting Chyna get away with [keeping the baby] and she fully intends to have her go away amicably and leave Dream with Rob,” says a pal. 
“Kris has more than expensive lawyers up her sleeve too – she knows Chyna wants fame and Kris holds the key," so says the source.
"Chyna’s not the first to try and swindle the family with threats of tell-alls and spilling secrets."
This isn't Kris' first go around. She's "fought off countless gold-diggers on behalf of her kids," the insider concludes.

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