Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mother stabs 4-year-old daughter to death

Mother stabs 4-year-old daughter to death

A mommy has been charged to court for stabbing her 4-year-antiquated daughter to death in west Harris County, Houston, Texas.

Laquita Lewis, 34, reportedly stabbed tiny Fredricka Allen several mature in the chest and left her in the bedroom to die.

Mother stabs 4-year-old daughter to death

Laquita was charged when capital murder after the lady was found fatally stabbed late Sunday at Lewis apartment obscure in Houston. It is not certain why she killed her daughter but there are reports that she had argued also Fredrickas dad, Fredrick Allen, past allegedly stabbing their daughter, a relative said. After stabbing her child, Lewis left the apartment and was lively in a car calamity. She was at a hospital taking into consideration she texted her intimates to apologize for what had happened.

"She texted that the baby had taking into account to heaven, that she had killed the baby," Randy Sample, a relative of the deceased said. It's insane, to have the funds for a in agreement submission a 4-year-passs energy when that."

Its the worst news youd sensitive to hear not quite a family adherent -- especially someone of that age. Its devastating," Sample added.

Neighbors were having a tough period dealing as well as the news and said it was in fact worrying and not something you'll expect from a mother. The deceased was described by neighbours who knew her as a glad child.

“Yeah, she was always happy. She would always tell me that my dog was cute and everything,” said Melody Medina.

 According to the Harris County DA's office, Lewis was charged in November for making a terroristic threat during a Thanksgiving incident in which she threatened her 16-year-old son, Lewis, with a knife. She was sentenced in February to 15 months of deferred adjudication in that case. She was still serving her past sentence when she killed her daughter.

The DA's office says that as part of her probation requirements, she was required to take a Texas Risk Assessment System evaluation, which ranked her with a score of zero (the lowest score) for her risk for recidivism.

CPS in Houston said they were also familiar with the family and issued the following statement:

"Child Protective Services is investigating this terrible tragedy and we grieve with their family for their loss. We are working with law enforcement to figure out what happened. CPS had previous involvement with this family, but we cannot discuss details because of confidentiality. It is important to learn everything we can about this tragedy and what may have led to it, so our Office of Child Safety will conduct an independent and comprehensive review of how CPS handled any prior allegations involving the Lewis family. Those reports take time, but it will be made available to the public."

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