Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Music Mogul, Simon Cowell donates £100, 000 of his own money to Grenfell Tower fundraiser

Music Mogul, Simon Cowell donates £100, 000 of his own money to Grenfell Tower fundraiser

Music mogul Simon Cowell has masterminded a charity single to lift maintenance for all those affected by the devastating Grenfell Tower blaze. Cowell revealed during a recent interview that he was prompted to organise the charity single out of belligerence at what happened to the victims...

The America's Got Talent evaluate moreover donated 100,000 of his own maintenance to the Artists For Grenfell fundraiser, the bureau supporting the Grenfell victims and survivors, but he did not twist of view there.

He took it added by organising to baby book a organization single. Proceeds from the single and donations made at go to The London Community Foundation. Speaking to Mirror Online, Simon said that he felt he had to get more than donate maintenance to lead those affected.

He added:

"I felt how everyone felt when they saw the news. I was angry, upset, thinking what the hell do you do? It's not far from where I live, so when I drove up there, and you saw this tower, it wasn't great. And that's when you decide that maybe we could do something to help. You kind of think, what can I do? Do you donate some money and I was thinking, well maybe we could do a little more than that and that's how the record came about."

He continued:

 “I have to put my money where my mouth is. In all the years of doing this, I have never felt so emotional. It was unbelievably powerful and sincere.”Simon said it was touching how everyone at Grenfell came together as one to pull through the tragedy."The one word that comes to mind is community. I'm currently up in Liverpool and people are talking about it here and wherever you are around the country."

 The track, which was put together in three days, will be a lid of Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water. Simon said they picked the timeless because the lyrics were seize. A community choir from the area heavy Grenfell will feature in metaphor to the track considering when suggestion to 60 new artists, including Pixie Lott, Stormzy , James Blunt and One Direction. Dozens of celebrities have been spotted at Sarm Music Village stuffy the Grenfell Tower site to photograph album the single.

The track was scheduled to be released upon all major UK radio stations at 8 a.m. upon Wednesday daylight.

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