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NCFRM commissioner accused of diverting Saudi date meant for IDPs, breaks her silence

NCFRM commissioner accused of diverting Saudi date meant for IDPs, breaks her silence

Sadiya Farouq, the Federal Commissioner of the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced persons, NCFRMI, has uncharacteristic her silence more than her alleged role in the diversion of dates talented to Nigeria by Saudi doling out to be distributed to IDPs.

Last week, the Saudi Arabian dispensation raised alarm more than the sale of the date weighing 200 tonnes which were unquestionable to Nigerians who are happening for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia or obtained from the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Nigeria.

The fruits has been marked either "Free" or "Not for sale" were unconditional for closely based concerning the appointment that those taking it are going to pay for it to the poor, especially those in the Internally Displaced Persons camps. The fruit were found re concerning sale in markets in Borno State.

Dr. Yahya Ali Mugram, the Charg de Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Nigeria and the current Acting Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Nigeria, who avowed the savings account had expressed displeasure at the go forward.

Mrs Farouq said the allegations were baseless and aimed at defilement her image. Read her full confirmation as obtained by Daily Nigerian:

Malicious falsehood adjoining the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced persons and my person has once viral upon social media alleging diversion and sale of the facility of Dates by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to our Persons of Concern.

Since the presentation of the Dates to us for onward delivery to the Internally Displaced Persons and the subsequent complain by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to the effect that the Dates have been sighted at the markets, the rumour mills and talebearers went to involve ahead spewing all express of untrue and unsubstantiated allegations of the Commissions involvement in the alleged diversion of the Dates.

The latest is the aggravate upon my person clearly because the persons displaced by cattle rustling and armed banditry in Zamfara divulge, where I happen forward from benefitted from the distribution of the Dates. Curiously, some reliable sources in the Commission are bodily quoted in this desperate incorporation uphill of calumny. The feeding frenzy which greeted the twisted official assertion upon social media that I have diverted the Dates and stored them in Zamfara has remained vicious. A press reprieve earlier issued by the Commission, detailing how the distribution exercise was carried out has been ignored therefore did not abate the frenzy. In fact one of the online media houses which contacted the Commission, The Daily Nigerian, seeking answers was supplied once photographs of the distribution exercise but they never aggravated to state them.

On the accusation that Dates were taken to traditional rulers, indeed they were. Primarily because the IDPs flesh and blood in their domains as host communities. We have no doubt that the royal fathers carried out the assignment of Distribution diligently.

For the avoidance of doubt let me restate that the allegations are as untrue as they are spurious. And their conveyors and their sponsors should withhold in the associated of the image and integrity of our enjoyable nation. It is rather unfortunate that a straightforward gesture intended to bring succour to our internally displaced brothers and sisters has turned into a weapon of subterfuge by unidentified figures to achieve sinister motives.

It is upon baby book that, in front my assumption of commitment as the Federal Commissioner, National Commission For Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons, I have include my modest efforts towards turning things in symbol to and putting the Commission in the best attainable badly distress and form to speak to upon its mandate. Is it not mind boggling that upon all the interventions the Commission has carried out towards improving the conditions of its Persons of Concern, why is it that its single-handedly Dates that will be diverted?
I turn to space that despite this round of malice and disquiet of calumny, I refuse to be inattentive. I remain obstinate in the quest to twist the Commission into a first class humanitarian encourage deliverer whose impact will continue to be felt by its Persons of Concern.

NCFRM commissioner accused of diverting Saudi date meant for IDPs, breaks her silence

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