Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Serena & Venus Williams' dad files for divorce from wife

Serena & Venus Williams' dad files for divorce from wife

Tennis champions, Venus and Serena William's 75-year-primeval dad,Richard Williamshas filed for divorce from his wife of 7 years, afteraccusing her of stealing his social security checks and forging his signature to steal property right out from under him.

Mr. Williams filed docs in Florida todivorce hiswife, 38-year-outmoded Lakeisha Williams. In the docs, he says Lakeisha forged his publish upon a triumph to transfer one of his houses to herself and furthermore transferredtitle of his cars to herself. He alsoclaims that she's been forging his signatureand stealinghis social security checks.

Adding that she is an alcoholic and has stolen some ofhis guns.
The couplehave a 5-year-primordial son together, and Richard thinks Lakeisha's lifestyle endangers the child.
According to him,Lakeishanow lives bearing in mind than someone who has "supreme criminal, felony charges pending."

However, Lakeisha's attorney, Sandy Becher,has denied the accusations saw.

"All of the allegations are false and will be proven to be false when we litigate the case in court," adding ... Richard is just trying to avoid paying child support and alimony.

Richard who was the former coach of his daughters, divorced Venus and Serena William's mother, Oracene Price, in 2002 and started dating Lakeisha who is a year older than Venus brusquely after.

Richard and Lakeisha were married in 2010. Their son, Dylan Starr Williams, was born in 2012 

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