Thursday, June 15, 2017

Two Nigerian men arrested for duping a businessman in india

The Cyber Crime Cell of Amravati Crime Branch arrested two Nigerian nationals and one local in Navi Mumbai for allegedly cheating a businessman of 67 lakh.

The Amravati police said the victim Kailash Tiwari registered an FIR plus Rajapeth police upon May 20. The police said a woman of European lineage and based in London became cronies following Mr. Tiwari upon Facebook...

They soon started chatting regularly and sharing personal recommendation.

The lady told Mr. Tiwari that he could earn a lot of keep by supplying herbal seeds to an Indian utter that sold herbal products, and gave him a way in number of a herbal seed supplier in India.

Assistant Police Inspector Kanchan Pande, Cyber Cell, Amravati, said:

“An Indian woman responded to Mr. Tiwari’s call and she took down his address and sent him a sample of herbal seeds. After he informed his Facebook friend of the developments, a Nigerian national claiming to be an official with the Indian firm met him in Amravati and took the sample from him for quality control tests."

 The Nigerian got gain and told Mr. Tiwari that the sample had cleared the tests and his unmodified wanted to place a invincible order for the seeds. Mr. Tiwari bought a large consignment from the supplier and waited for several days for the Nigerian to entrance. He responded saw his conclusives requirements had increased and a larger consignment was needed.

He told Mr. Tiwari that he would get the seeds at double the price. Mr. Tiwari kept buying more seeds and paid just about 67 lakh to the supplier of herbal seeds. Mr. Tiwari as well as realised he was swine cheated and approached the police.

The Amravati Cyber Cell traced the Internet Protocol residence of Mr. Tiwaris Facebook friend and tracked the numbers of the supplier and the Nigerian.

Last week, the police arrested Mike Philip (33) and Sukeshini Dhote (23) from Kharghar, and Emeka Ifesinachi (27) from Taloja. The police said Philip operated the play a portion Facebook account, Ethicinachi posed as the attributed and Dhote supplied the herbal seeds.

Mr. Pande said,

“Philip and Ethicinachi are Nigerian nationals and Dhote is a native of Chandrapur in Madhya Pradesh. Dhote often visited her sister’s house in Ulwe in Navi Mumbai and during one such visit she met Philip. They soon became close friends and decided to get married.”

Then police suspect that the accused of having cheated several businessmen in the State and are examining their bank accounts to check the flow of maintenance.

Source: The Hindu 

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