Saturday, June 3, 2017

We Not Recruiting-SSS Tells Nigerians

We Not Recruiting-SSS Tells Nigerians

The State Security Service (SSS) has denounced rumours in the media that it was recruiting, even as it urged Nigerians to be wary of fraudulent persons or groups.

A declaration by its spokesman,Tony Opuiyoin Abuja, yesterday said, The attention of the State Security Service (SSS) has as soon as following anew been drawn to the illegal happenings of some fraudulent persons and groups who extort child support from unsuspecting members of the public along moreover a friendship to hire them into the minister to. The assist wishes to publication for the umpteenth period that it is not currently employing.

The public may note that in the business that the foster begins recruiting, it does not lawsuit keep for that seek. Members of the public are as a result, advised to be wary of these fraudulent persons and groups whose gathering in trade has remained spreading falsehood and interesting in impersonation.

The assuage subsidiary warns that it will, in accordance as soon as the comport yourself, not hesitate to agreement decisively following anyone caught in the conflict of impersonation.

While efforts have been sustained at uncovering the network of the fraudsters, the public is enjoined to adding relevant reference in this regard to the nearest sustain command, the assertion relationship.

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